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Title (journal) Data Rec., Storage & Processing. — 2012. — Vol. 14, N 1.
Pages 91-100>
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Title (article) Experimental Analysis of Expert Evaluation Technology
Authors Tsyganok V.V., Kachanov P.T., Kadenko S.V., Andriichuk O.V., Homenuk H.A.
Kiev, Ukraine
Annotation Description and results of an experimental study of expert technology, based on the method of paired comparisons, are set forth. For more effective obtaining of information it gives an expert an opportunity of providing estimates in the scale, whose thoroughness adequately reflects his\her competence in the subject of expertise. Research purpose is comparative analysis of the proposed technology with the existing ones, which rely on expert evaluation conducted in some single certain verbal scale. The results obtained on the basis of expert judgments, involved in the examination, demonstrate the advantages of the newly created technology. Tabl.: 1. Fig.: 5. Refs: 17 titles.
Key words decision-making support, weakly-structured subject domain, expert evaluation, expert competence, expert estimation scale, experiment.
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