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Title (journal) Data Rec., Storage & Processing. — 2013. — Vol. 15, N 2.
Pages 17–28
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Title (article) Algorithmic and Structural Circuit Technology Characteristics for Hardware Implementation of Operations with Quaternions in Functional Processors
Authors Kalinovsky Ja.F., Boyarinova Ju.E., Tarasenko V.P., Klyatchenko J.M.
Kiev, Ukraine
Annotation The principal possibility of multiprocessor systems based on programmable integrated circuits with actually already achieved level of integration for direct hardware implementation of complete system operations with quaternions has been shown. Tabl.: 1. Fig.: 7. Refs: 10 titles.
Key words hypercomplex number system, quaternions, the multiplication operation, functional processor, multi-processing information, EPLD, SIMD-architecture.
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