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Title (journal) Data Rec., Storage & Processing. — 2006. — Vol. 8, N 1.
Pages 55-66
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Title (article) Execution of replication in heterogeneous database systems
Authors Wlodzimierz Khadzhynov, Mateusz Maksymiuk
Kiev, Ukraine
Annotation Database replication is a mechanism which allows distributed databases stay in synchronized and consistent state. In heterogeneous case there is a set of databases with different platforms, what additionally complicates this process. High demand for this technique causes that replication issue is de-veloped very fast nowadays. Database replication mechanism consists in in-tercepting data modifications and propagating them to other databases where they are executed again. This process is very complex and there are many variants and types of replication. In this paper are discussed database replication classification (synchronous, asynchronous, multiple master, master slave), kinds of replication conflicts with resolving strategies, data modification capturing and publication-subscription model. There is intro-duced an example for realization of replication in heterogeneous environ-ment. Also are discussed aspects of independence database assess mecha-nism from specific platform, what can be used in implementation of hetero-geneous database replication.
Key words Replication mode, Two-Phase Commit protocol, Master-Slave replication model, Multiple Master replication model, Replication conflicts, Hibernate package.
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