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Title (journal) Data Rec., Storage & Processing. — 2011. — Vol. 13, N 2.
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Title (article) Optical BluRay Master Disks Information Recording Systems
Authors Petrov V.V., Lapchuk A.S., Kryuchyn А.А., S.M. Shanoilo
Kiev, Ukraine
Annotation On the basis of numerical simulation of focused laser-beam parameters and photoresist simplified model the features of optical systems for creating master disks using a violet laser beam are considered. Two optical systems, namely a solid-immersion optical system using a linear photoresist and a highaperture optical system using a thermal-threshold photoresist are considered. The analysis of the solidimmersion optical system showed that this method needed scanning the disk surface with an accuracy to units of nanometers to achieve variations of pit size within permissible limits. Considering the method based on the photoresist with the particularly pronounced temperature threshold has shown that the method required decreasing the amplitude of the intensity fluctuations of laser radiation and to scan the surface by the optical system with support for height with an accuracy to several tens of nanometers. Fig.: 9. Refs: 11 titles.
Key words master disk, photoresist, solid immersion, temperature threshold, sensitivity, focus shift, intensity fluctuations.
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